Laurie Veska – Geology, GIS and 3D Modelling

Open for contract and casual work

Laurie is located in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia and can be contacted via email at: lveska_at_lveska_dot_com, visit me on LinkedIn

Mobile: +61 4 0802 5021

Example 3D model

Experience and capability statement

I have 25+ years of geological and IT experience, this has been gained in a number of areas including migrating scientific data, designing corporate databases, exploration field work and calculating mineral resources to JORC 2012 standard. I also have Software Developer and Data Analyst skills gained whilst working in the IT industry.

I use GIS analysis and 3D modelling extensively in my work, favouring Surpac and QGIS software. More recently I have become involved with modelling water catchment hydrology.

My geological background includes work in gold, iron ore, base metals, nickel and tin in WA and on the West Coast of Tasmania. I am a current member of the AIG.

I have considerable data management experience – this has been gained through programming and developing within industry-strength Oracle and SQL Server environments, as well as desktop database software such as Microsoft Access. I have years of experience developing and maintaining complex database web applications using Java – Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and Web Services, PL/SQL Forms, Oracle Application Express, as well as Android mobile apps.

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