Frequently Asked Questions regarding PersonalGeo

PersonalGeo Android App

What is PersonalGeo?

PersonalGeo is a free mobile App for geologists designed to run on most Android-powered smartphones and phablets running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or later.

PersonalGeo is primarily intended as a geoscientific data gathering  and input tool. It is aimed at assisting with the logging of diamond drill-core or costeans/trenches targetted in an exploration environment. PersonalGeo is particularly suitable for small to medium sized exploration or resources companies that do not already have a commercial in-house Geological Information Management System (GIMS).

PersonalGeo is also a great way of carrying your drill hole logs in your smartphone, in your pocket, once they have been entered. If you are on-site and need to quickly provide a drill hole summary, or the details of an individual interval to clients, a supervisor, or co-workers, a few taps should get you there!

Where can I get it?

PersonalGeo is available as a free app on Google Play.

How does it work?

PersonalGeo is designed as an alternative or supplement to logging your drill hole on paper.
Once the drill hole log data entry is completed in PersonalGeo, the data can be exported out of your device as a series of related csv text file attachments to an email (addressed to the email account of your choice).
The csv format export text output is easily read by most spreadsheet software or by database applications such as Microsoft Access or similar. A useful MS Access database is available for download to help you get started, this mdb will import your PersonalGeo data and format geological log reports etc. and could function as the start of a CRUD system (Create – Read -Update and Delete) for your other related drill hole data as well.

If you already have a commercial Geological Information Management System of some sort, the csv data will need to be manipulated to suit the specific data format required by the loader. Depending on user feedback received, custom data export formats may be developed in future to suit the common commercial GIMS software in use.

Please note that PersonalGeo comes pre-loaded with fictitious test drill hole data so that you may experiment first. You can easily delete this dataset using the Manage data button on the main menu and selecting Clear all table data(careful!) on the next screen.

Do you have an iPhone  version?

No, sorry – not at this point in time.


I am very interested in hearing from you if you find PersonalGeo useful in your work – let me know how you use it!